Thank you for visiting our site. Information on Karate, Martial Arts or Self-defense classes can be overwhelming. While the benefits of Karate training are numerous, there are also many misconceptions about it. We hope to clarify a great deal for you. You are always welcome to contact us with your questions. Our dojo (school) teaches the traditional Chinese/Okinawan art of Uechi-Ryu (way chee-roo) to students of all ages. We have a long history of teaching in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Our doors are always open to anybody. See our class schedule and rates here.


We approach Karate as an art form. As an art, students seek to develop and master a skill. Emphasis is on technique and accuracy through proper stance and form. Self-defense skills are further developed through practical application of techniques. Students do not compete against others, they are motivated to work to the best of their own ability, with the goal of self-improvement. Progress is made at one’s own pace and evaluations are made on attitude and effort. Students are guided towards mind/body harmony and strive to achieve “ultimate awareness”.

What to expect

What are your goals? What do you hope to gain from training?
Consult with a black belt instructor to determine how best to achieve your goals and gain the most out of your training.

Your first day in class
We have no prerequisites. When you arrive at class, you will be greeted by an instructor who will introduce you to other students. You will be shown some traditional dojo etiquette, like where to line up and how and when to bow. Class begins with a formal bow, then you will be lead through some stretching exercises. An instructor will work with you directly, on basic stances and strikes. Class ends with a formal bow, and you have taken your first steps into martial arts. Like many things in life, what you get out of training comes from what you put into it. We look forward to seeing you. 

2 Free trial classes, no obligations